Empowering women to achieve
fitness goals with style

We are Ecomus

Welcome to our classic women's clothing store, where we believe
that timeless style never goes out of fashion. Our collection features classic
pieces that are both stylish and versatile, perfect for building a
wardrobe that will last for years.

Established - 1995

Ecomus was founded in 1995 by Jane Smith, a fashion lover with a
passion for timeless style. Jane had always been drawn to classic
pieces that could be worn season after season, and she believed that
there was a gap in the market for a store that focused solely on classic
women's clothing. She opened the first store in a small town in New
England, where it quickly became a local favorite.

Our mission

Our mission is to empower people through sustainable fashion.
We want everyone to look and feel good, while also doing our part to
help the environment.We believe that fashion should be stylish,
affordable and accessible to everyone. Body positivity and inclusivity
are values that are at the heart of our brand.

Quality is our priority

Our talented stylists have put together outfits that are perfect for the season.

They've variety of ways to inspire your next fashion-forward look.

High-Quality Materials

Crafted with precision and excellence, our activewear is meticulously engineered using premium materials to ensure unmatched comfort and durability.

Laconic Design

Simplicity refined. Our activewear embodies the essence of minimalistic design, delivering effortless style that speaks volumes.

Various Sizes

Designed for every body and anyone, our activewear embraces diversity with a wide range of sizes and shapes, celebrating the beauty of individuality.

Our customer’s reviews

Love love love! This product is so easy to use! I absolutely love the Alpha Arbutin product. It has made such a difference with my hyperpigmentation spots! I feel so much more confident without makeup on where as before I would never leave the house

Robert smith

Our customer’s reviews

I've ordered from a lot of places, a lot! and I must say that this place here has the best shipping experience ever. Thank you guys so much for this


Our customer’s reviews

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