Pimatech® - Supima Cotton with elastic Technology

The best cotton comes to golf clothing

Discover all the properties of our innovative Pimatech fabric.

What is Pimatech ® ?

There are few natural fibers as special and unique as American Pima. It is a type of cotton grown in the United States of superior quality. It represents less than 1% of the cotton grown in the world.
What makes American Pima unique are the extra long fibers capable of providing extra premium properties: resistance, softness and greater color retention.
American Pima cotton is twice as resistant , which makes our polos incredibly resistant and makes it a much more durable product.
American Pima cotton is much softer due to its extra long fiber. The fibers absorb the dye with deep and long-lasting penetration. The result is a polo that retains color better than regular cottons. The products maintain their shine wash after wash, giving you many years of use in perfect condition.

Pimatech ® is designed to offer maximum comfort and greater durability. Made with extra-long fiber American Pima cotton and mixed with elastane, it offers supreme quality with a soft, silky and very elastic touch, providing an ideal experience for playing golf.

Hypoallergenic fiber, resistant to heat and humidity.